Alpaca Scarves

Made from sustainably-sourced alpaca wool, these modish scarves will not only stand out on dreary winter days, but their lightweight and insulating texture will also keep you cozy and warm no matter how low the temperature dips.

100% Baby Alpaca

The finest, softest, & most coveted grade of alpaca fiber.

This wool is gathered from the first shearing. Lightweight yet incredibly strong, it is gentle to the touch, giving warmth and luxury that has pure, practical indulgence.

Brushed Scarves

Crafted in small batches in the highlands of Peru

Featuring a blend of light gauge baby alpaca fiber and permium pima cotton, expect an accessory that is soft to the touch, durable and light weight.

Artisan Scarves

Refined and sophisticated, casual yet chic, ultra-versatile

Sustainable, durable and a feel that gets better with age. Our Artisanal Yarn collection is eco-conscious, hypo-allergenic and light-weight.