Alpaca Scarves

Made from sustainably-sourced alpaca wool, these modish scarves will not only stand out on dreary winter days, but their lightweight and insulating texture will also keep you cozy and warm no matter how low the temperature dips.

Alpaca Socks

Made from a unique alpaca blend, these socks can provide unmatched softness, warmth, and comfort while keeping your feet fresh and dry. They are moisture wicking and hypoallergenic so that your feet will not sweat or itch like regular wool! Our Alpaca Socks Collection provide thermal comfort and durability during the long winter months and best of all, you can add style to your footwear with our branded designs.

Alpaca Hats & Gloves

When the temperatures fall or the wind rises, a dependable hat & gloves can make the difference between a miserable day and a wonderful winter adventure. Made from alpaca wool, these fashionable itmes have unmatched softness, breathability, and comfort. They’re insulating, moisture-wicking, and odor-resistant too. Whether you’re hitting the slopes or simply lounging at a café, you can rely on these accessories to keep you warm, dry, and cozy.

Alpaca Vests

Making great transitional pieces for times when the weather isn’t warm enough to bare your arms but you don’t want the bulk of a heavy coat. Made from alpaca wool, these garments are warmer than wool and soft as cashmere –giving you instant warmth and coziness, as well as a touch of relaxed elegance.